Fandom Still Surprises Me

I always knew fanfiction is…strange, but I thought that after these years and all these fandoms, I couldn’t be surprised any more.

And yet, I find I am.

There’s fanfiction of Comedy Nights with Kapil. If you’re Indian, and not living under a rock, you would have at least heard of the show, so I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in.


There’s fanfiction of Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Kapil/Sumona fanfic. Bittu/Manju fanfic. In the Bollywood section of That I stumbled across on the hunt for I don’t even remember what.

(Forgive me for my disjointed incoherence, but the strangeness of the entire episode has left me unable to sentence properly.)

And I know I have no room to talk, given some of my unusual fandoms, but…this is like someone writing fanfic of The Kumars at no. 42. Just. Why?

Lost friends

It’s been almost a week since I’ve heard that you’re gone, and it still doesn’t make sense.

I’ve heard the news, but it feels like an idiom spoken in a foreign language – I understand what the words mean, but I can’t comprehend them.

I don’t even remember when I last spoke to you in person, instead of on a Whatsapp screen.

I don’t remember what was the last thing I ever said to you.

I always thought there was more time – we’d meet again in person someday, when we were both free, when we were in the same city…some day…

How can you be gone?

How can you be gone?


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