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Things I write about include – but aren’t limited to – silliness, things that amuse me, pictures of pretty flowers I see on the road, Bollywood, memes and blogthing quizzes, squee and gush about my friends, resistentialism, thoughts on gender equality, rants and tirades on things that f*cking piss me off (yes, I can curse when I get annoyed), and cheesecake.

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Blogathon posts for 2012

Blogathon 2012

Posts I wrote for Blogathon 2013. The idea being that you write at least a post each day of the month of February. The only rules are that each post needs to be a reasonably substantial, non-placeholder blogpost. For Blogathon 2013, I decided to try my hand at fanfiction again.


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Pinterest Projects
Lately, I’ve been drawn to the utterly delightful Do-It-Yourself projects I find on Pinterest – homemade cheese crackers, inexpensive garden lanterns, Mason jar lights, etc. Here follows my attempts to replicate some of these projects.


SS Kuruganti's randomness


All the other random things I like to talk about, like religion, anime, my friends, resistentialism, cake, and other random silliness in my life.



Thoughts on feminism by SS Kuruganti


First off, a disclaimer – I cannot pretend to have remotely enough knowledge to discuss gender equality on an academic basis, though I am attempting to read more and educated myself. These are just my thoughts on gender equality, something that has long occupied my mind. Sorry if any one is offended, please know it wasn’t intentional.



Contest posts by SS Kuruganti


Sponsored posts

Posts I wrote for blogging events, brands, and blogging contests. Includes the prize-winning posts I wrote for TresEmme, Dove, and AmbiPur.

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