Angry Birds Cake Toppers

So I decided to get on the Angry Birds bandwagon, and made a cake with Angry Birds toppers.



It’s a very basic representation of the game – there’s one of the angry birds, the enemy pig, what they’re fighting for (the egg) and the field of battle itself (the log pillars where the pig has hidden the egg). I didn’t want to get too creative with it, since this is the very first time I’ve tried to make little characters with fondant.

Angry Birds Cake Toppers tutorial


  • Pre-made cake
  • Pre-made fondant
  • Food colouring (red, green, yellow, black)
  • Crumbled cake for the cake pops
  • Chocolate bars (5-6)
  • Baking chocolate


So, to start with, you need:

A cake! This is a strawberry cake with a fresh cream and fresh strawberries filling.

You’ll also need about 5-6 chocolate bars for the wooden logs. Also baking chocolate that you can melt and use as mortar to stick the logs together.


Like so! I practiced the arrangement first so I’d know if I had enough space on my cake, and whether it would look good if I placed them that way on top of the cake.

I then melted some baking chocolate and used them to stick the bars together.

You also need some crumbled cake to make the little cake pops that will become each of the characters.

You’ll need to add a little bit of your frosting – in my case, fresh cream – to the cake to get it to come together as a little ball that will form the body of your cake toppers.

Now you’ll need to add some food colouring to your fondant if you’re using homemade fondant like me. If you have bought fondant from a store, you can skip this step since you would get ready made fondant in different colours. I simply kneaded the colouring powder into the fondant.

Cover the cake pops with fondant in different colours – you’ll need one cake pop in green and one in red, and another egg shaped one in white.

You can see the little white eyes I cut out using my tiny circular cookie/fondant cutter, and the red tail and head ruff for the angry bird. I made most of the beak, ear and tail pieces by hand. I used bits of toothpicks to stick the ears and beaks into the cake pop bodies.

I used a few irregular cut bits of baking chocolate as the nest and placed the egg in the middle of it.

Now place the chocolate ‘trap’ right in front of the egg.


And you’re done!  

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