Hobbit fanfiction

[Radagast the Brown, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, pre-movie]

The others couldn’t understand. Saruman, especially, was very narrow minded about the whole thing.

Little did they know.

They thought he was so simple that he did not know the effect of the mushrooms on his brain.

But once Radagast had had a few mushrooms in him, he could see how the light danced as it struck a dew drop on a fresh, green leaf; he could see the song of the lark as it trilled in the clear forest air…

With the mushrooms, his mind was clear and his thoughts sharp, so sharp that sometimes they demanded utterance:



A/N:  The idea of Stoner!Radagast is incredibly funny to me.

From Saruman’s line in the movie where he says that ‘excessive consumption of mushrooms had addled the judgement and reliability of Radagast’s findings’.

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