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Has this ever happened to you?

You’re running late in the morning because you overslept (late night because too much work/drink/TV) – and as you frantically stumble through your morning routine, you throw open your jewellery box, scrabbling for a pair of earrings to match the outfit you threw on – and one of the pair is missing. Or hopelessly entangled with the others in a rat’s nest of earrings that will take you twenty minutes of straining fingers and inventive swearing to untangle.

In my case, I usually end up grabbing whatever comes to hand, wearing the same pair of earrings nearly every day.

I decided to do something about it.


5 step DIY Jewelry Organizer

There had to be an easier way to store my jewellery without resorting to piling them all into one big box. My jewellery box, such as it was, consisted of a huge silver looking box with four tiny little compartments inside. It took up too much space for the kind of service it provided.

Like this.

It took up too much space for the kind of service it provided.

Time for a solution!

I looked up jewellery storage DIYs online, and found a disappointing lack of cheap solutions. Most ideas either wanted me to put up peg boards (no clue where I’d find them here in India) or ring dishes – which take up valuable flat surface area! – or use tree branches in bottles to hang earrings and necklaces.

Now, a major problem for a lot of us city dwellers has to be the lack of storage space. None of these ideas seemed acceptable to me.

Which was when I remembered my mother’s solution to the same problem – thermocol!

Let’s get started!

All I needed for this DIY was one sheet of thermocol (it cost me 20 rupees since I bought one of the broken ones – luckily, I didn’t need a large sheet!) a bit of tape, a cutter and a pair of scissors.

  1. I started out by measuring the inside door of my dressing table. I needed to cut out strips of thermocol that would fit on the inside while allowing me to close the door easily.
  2. I measured out the thermocol and cut it with my cutter. Cue a snow of little white thermocol balls EVERYWHERE.
  3. I sealed up the ‘raw’ edges of the thermocol with clear sticky tape. If you skip this step, you will end up with thermocol snow EVERY time you use this earring holder – be warned!
  4. Next, I stuck the thermocol strip to the inside of the door to my dressing table with more sticky tape.
  5. And then all that was left was to stick the earrings in! Hook earrings, of course, were easier to push in, but even the studs gave me no trouble at all.

A word of warning – don’t pile up all your heavy earrings on one strip of thermocol – it will fall off. Also, avoid storing your glass or especially pretty earrings on this strip until you are sure it’s sticking well.

So there you have it – a cheap, no fuss way to store your earrings – a no fuss jewellery storage DIY that won’t take you more than half an hour to set up!

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