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I love: books, anime, coffee, chocolate, manga, Beatles music, and dogs. I tend to ramble on about things that interest me - like my thoughts on anime, manga, books, movies, and TV shows. I also blog about my culinary experiments and other DIY projects.
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Upcoming works

I'm working on a paranormal thriller and a self published anthology of fractured fairy tales from Indian mythology. Keep an eye out!

Flash fiction

Fiction that is shorter than actual short stories, falling between 300-1k words per story. There's no underlying theme to these stories, they were written based on my mood and inspiration.


I love fanfic, and return to it from time to time. You can find most of my recent drabbles here. Featuring fanfic from Rockstar, Talaash, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and The Chronicles of Narnia.


Vegetarian recipes for lazy cooks

The round up of my culinary experiments - stuff that a lazy cook (like me) can do with ease. Featuring the famous aeroplane cake, lots of cake recipes, assorted desserts, experiments with cake frosting, sizzlers, burgers, pastas, quiches, and the occasional dosa. Also includes muffins, jams, and the assorted snack.


My thoughts on books, anime, manga, movies and tv shows

I am an opininated person. I say this freely. I have thoughts on pretty much every kind of media and product I consume. If you want me to review your book/product, please read the review policy first, and then drop me a line here.

Check Out Some of My Work

My short stories have been featured in Reading Hour, and The Long and Short of It, on All India Radio, and my articles have appeared in the Deccan Chronicle; a leading English daily. My fanfiction (as Isha_libran) has been featured on TV Tropes 'Fanfic Worth Dying For' page, and I've been interviewed by Sulekha.com and by The Times of India for my views on fanfic.
As a freelancer, I've written scripts for animated films and advertisements, created website content, and designed logos and brochures. You can see samples of my freelance work here.

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