Bonus story from Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul   All his life he had dreamed of this day. He’d ride into battle and return with a glorious victory, one that minstrels would sing about. The truth is a little different. His father and uncles are fighting elsewhere, …


Bonus story from Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul ‘Target sighted.’ ‘Identity?’ ‘Confirmed.’ ‘Armed? ‘Negative.’ A long silence followed while static crackled on the line. Gritting his teeth, the soldier pressed the satellite phone into his ear as he waited impatiently for the kill order.

Portal of a Thousand Words: Review

The Book is an alternate-history fantasy set in nineteenth-century China. Ten centuries have passed since the last time the Portal of a Thousand Worlds opened, bringing radical change to the then-ruling dynasty, and now the mystical gateway is rumored to be on the verge of opening once more.

5 step DIY Jewelry Organizer

Has this ever happened to you? You’re running late in the morning because you overslept (late night because too much work/drink/TV) – and as you frantically stumble through your morning routine, you throw open your jewellery box, scrabbling for a pair of earrings to match the outfit you threw on …

DIY: Potpourri

I’ve always loved potpourri, and I enjoy how it fills the room with a lovely aroma. I’ve just never enjoyed how the quality stuff costs an arm and a leg. So when I collected a bunch of pine cones on my So when I collected a bunch of pine cones …

Surprise inside Race car cake

I made this for my car crazy nephew who turned four recently. He also loves Cadbury’s Gems, and Cadbury’s Shots, so I decided to combine his love for the two into a Race car cake – with a surprise inside!

The Bestseller She Wrote: Review

The Book  Shreya Kaushik is a student at the Indian Institute of Management, who wants to follow the trajectory of its most famous alum – Aditya Kapoor, the ‘Paperback King’ of India, a massively successful writer of pulp books that have been made into films. When Aditya comes to his alma …

Wooden cabinet upcycle: DIY part 2

Continuing on from where I left off – here’s part two of my picture tutorial on how I upcycled my old wooden trunk into a vibrant, fun, kitschy version of itself. So the last time, I was done with the yellow coat of paint on my trunk.